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Sluggy Fan Club
This year the Sluggy Fan Club is excited to herald in our second year of existence! It is wonderful to be alive.

We will be recruiting new members and the NO DUES is still in effect. The only requirement to join is to have an interest in and to enjoy meeting new people! There will not be a whole lot of meetings over the year, and a lot of the events will be come if you can sort of deals. Here is a run-down of the meetings that are foreseen at this time:

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Become an honorary member of the Sluggy Fan Club! Go to the Sluggy site at and view the awesome on-line comic strip by Pete Abrams. Feel free to become addicted to the witty repertoire!

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Club Meetings & Info
**First meeting of the year ~ Objective: Vote in officers, decide who can help recruit new members, and when & what would be good Sluggy promotional activities for the year.

**Come if you can Event ~ Recruiting New Members at Rush.

**Fund Raising Meeting ~ We need to raise money for several reasons.
Reason One: Money to buy spray paint and painting supplies to paint the Free Expression tunnel as a Sluggy promotional activity.
Reason Two: Money to print fliers so we can advertise
Right now we are thinking about using Krispy Kreme Fund Raising to try to earn some funds. We will also partition Student Government for money and see how much we can get from them. The Big Question is this: HOW MUCH MONEY TO WE REALLY NEED?
For the painting project we would want about 10 spray cans, which are around or less so we need about forty dollars for that, a bucket of white paint to cover a new area which is about twenty dollars and a paint roller or two. So for that we would need about a hundred dollars. For the fliers we should only need around twenty dollars or so, and for the tee-shirts we will need a hundred or more, depending on how many people we have in the club. Therefore we need a total of around to accomplish everything we want to do.

**Come if you can Event ~ Painting the Free Expression Tunnel. Sometime around the middle of the year or after, once we have the money. Date to be determined.

Meeting of the Members!
This is where we are going to post meeting times and places so that all members can be sure to make it! The next meeting will be after we collect enough money to get shirts so that we can talk about $$ and what shirt to get. Sounds exciting, doesn't it?! Yes it does!
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Copy and paste the above address onto your browser to visit the Sluggy Store! See nifty darn shirts, buttons, PLUSH BUN-BUNs, and more!

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Riff and Torg come up with some real gems, and don't miss out on them!
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