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Here are some important links concerning the Sluggy site that you won't want to miss out on! Splurge on a darn nifty Sluggy Shirt, or talk to others about Sluggy, or even submit and view fan art!

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Emergency Search Engines

Favorite Sluggy Sites
Sluggy Store See nifty stuff here! Don't miss out!
The Beginning Start reading Sluggy from the beginning!
Sluggy Home Site This is the Sluggy home site
Discuss and More! Forums, fan art, chat, and MORE!
Sluggy CHATROOM Contact the people at Sluggy and get a reply
Sluggy LiveJournal Check out the Sluggy Live Journal
Sluggy statistics Interesting facts about the main characters
Direct to Fan Art See all kinds of awesome fan art!
The Sluggy Discussion Board Talk about Sluggy!

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