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We are currently in the midst of fundraising so we can procure some wonderful club tee shirts! The first try didn't go that well, but we aren't giving up! If we had a motto, it would be to keep trying! Actually, it would probably be to have fun and read comics but you never know.

Support the Sluggy Fan Club by visiting our on-line store!
Visit the Sluggy Fan Store!

To the right is a sample of what you can find at the Sluggy Store so go check it out!

The NCSU Sluggy Fan Club has a mascot tank of fish. They are all die-hard Sluggy fans themselves. [We know this because they must see it enough on our computer screen to be hooked by now]


Go toward the comic! See the comic! Go TOWARD the comic!

Email us and let us know what you think and if you want to join!
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Link to The Beginning [of Sluggy, that is!]

Remember... whatever you do, DON'T PET THE BUNNY!
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